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Fellowship for Displaced and At-Risk Scholars

Posted by C3W Admin on April 19 2022

ERC Starting Grant SOCMED, Socialist Medicine: an Alternative Global Health History

The ERC Starting Grant research project titled “Socialist Medicine: an Alternative Global Health History” is launching a fellowship to enable a displaced or at-risk scholar regardless of nationality to spend up to six months at Humboldt University in Berlin. This opportunity is open to academics working on socialist or post-socialist health contexts, broadly construed, in the humanities or social sciences including history, sociology, economy and anthropology and social medicine. Applications are informal and require a CV, a brief description of the project and of the personal situation in English language. The fellowship will provide funding to support researchers and their families. If necessary, we can assist with developing applications for additional funding to extend the fellowship period.

To submit an application, or to request further information on the application procedure, please contact Prof. Dora Vargha

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