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January 2024 Newsletter

Posted by C3W Admin on January 24 2024

We have gathered together the latest news and events, together with some content not available on the website and put it into a Newsletter, see below.

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Welcome to the January edition of our newsletter, where you will find the latest research findings, activities and events.

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This edition has

  • A link to the latest blog on our website
  • Dates for your diary, we have an exciting seminar series to tell you about
I’ve been made aware that the links in the newsletter are on a timer which makes them useless after a while, so I have added the text for the link below the article, so you can still find out more.


Read the latest blog written by Andrea Espinoza Carvajal titled ‘Unruly feminists and women in bikinis’
An Ecuadorian snapshot of women’s visual representation at the time of the 1975 International Women’s Year (IWY) Conference


Sarah Marks has been elected to the Board of Governors at Birkbeck, University of London. She will serve as a Governor until 2026, representing the interests of Academic Staff and contributing to the development of the university’s institutional strategy.


Sarah Marks recently presented her research on mental health treatments in Ghana and Zimbabwe to the Psychology of Health and Wellbeing Research Group at the Open University. She will be co-organising a joint workshop in Spring 2024 in London with the OU group and Birkbeck Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Mental Health to further explore some of the themes raised in the discussion about the politics of mental health treatments.

Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie with Czechoslovak doctors at the Harar Hospital in Ethiopia, Source: ‘In the land of the king of kings’ [V zemi krále králů] by Josef Šebesta and Miroslav Hladký (Prague, 1971

In February 2024 Sarah Marks will travel to the University of Copenhagen to offer a commentary at the launch of Anna Toropova and Claire Shaw’s new edited book Technologies of Mind and Body in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. She will also present a paper at the Centre for Culture and the Mind  about ongoing research that she has been developing with Sarah Howard on ‘Psychiatric Encounters Between Czechoslovakia and Ethiopia During and After Communism’


Dates for your Diary

More details on the website


Sarah Howard will present an invited seminar on February 14, co-organised by the Centre for African Studies and the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh.

Title: “Co-operative childcare in Derg-era Ethiopia”
Summary: The provision of pre-school care in cooperative institutions was central to socialist re- imaginings of women’s role in society under the Derg government (1974 – 1991) in Ethiopia. Intensive debates on ‘the woman question’ by Ethiopian activists in the student movement pre- and post-revolution saw childcare as central to women’s liberation through the Leninist principle of socialising women’s domestic work. The rapid expansion of kindergartens in revolutionary Ethiopia from 40 in 1974 to around 560 by 1982 was achieved largely through mass organisations, most notably Urban Dweller’s Associations, or urban kebeles, and the Revolutionary Ethiopian Women’s Association (REWA), from 1980. Kebeles were the outcome of the land reform process, in response to revolutionary demands for ‘land to the tiller’, and were responsible for community-level social services, while REWA was established by proclamation and focused on women’s participation at community level. Such state socialist organisations are often excluded from debates on community participation and activism on the grounds of autonomy, ignoring the significance of such movements and the agency of the women involved in them. This paper draws on research into REWA and kebele-run kindergartens, and the women who worked to establish them and to provide care for children.

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Andrea Espinoza Carvajal has written a visual recap of the workshop held in Ecuador in 2023. For Spanish readers you can read it in full here



Cadbury Research Library SCF/OP|4/ETH/1/23

Sarah Howard has been conducting research in the Save the Children Special Collection archive, housed at the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham. She has found a lot of interesting and detailed material on how non-governmental organisations worked on health and childcare in Ethiopia before, during and after the revolution of 1974. She has also found a case study of a day-care centre that will feature in the paper she will give in Edinburgh in February. 

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