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June 2023 Newsletter

Posted by C3W Admin on July 6 2023

We have gathered together the latest news and events, together with some content not available on the website and put it into a Newsletter, see below.

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The Project Team


Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter, where you will find the latest research findings, activities and events.

This edition has
  • News
  • Publications
  • Upcoming events


Simon Huxtable is a postdoc who recently joined to be part of the Birkbeck-based C3Worlds team, for six months. He will work on Soviet/East European sources from ‘the other side’ in relation to Africa, and also potentially the other regions that we work on. Dr Simon Huxtable, is a historian of the Soviet Union and socialist Eastern Europe in a global context, and who has also done work on African socialist exchange in the Cold War period.


We received some great feedback on our recent Public Lecture and conference, here’s just some of them.
 “It more than lived up to expectations
“Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts essential to the success of our conference.”
I would like to thank you for all the organizational work related to the conference in Berlin. It was really a very inspiring and fantastic endeavour! ” 
“thank you for your care about my trip to this wonderful conference”

Thank you

Sarah Howard stepped in to a last minute gap in the programme to present on early years childcare in Ethiopia under the Derg government, in the panel called ‘The Future of a Socialist World: reproductive surveillance and child health’. 

In May Sarah Howard presented at two seminars at the University of Oslo: firstly, on her doctoral research, in the Department of Social Anthropology and secondly, on history, medical anthropology and positionality at the Institute of Health and Society in the Faculty of Medicine.

Science Diplomacy and Science in Times of War
Institute’s Colloquium 2022-23 of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

13 June 14:00-15:30
Forensic Diplomacy and International Technical Cooperation:
The Case of Mexico’s Extraordinary Mechanism for Forensic Identification
Vivette Garcia Deister (UNAM, Mexico)


Dora Vargha is organiser of this year’s Institute’s Colloquium at the MPIWG. The series is dedicated to the rethinking of science and scientific knowledge in times of peace and in times of crises and war. Within this framework, the colloquium series will interrogate the history and concepts of “science diplomacy,” its applicability across time and space; limits and opportunities of scientific cooperation across borders, cultural and national contexts, fluctuating between peace and war; legitimation of using science and scientists as means of sanctions and geopolitical tools; and if we should differentiate between politically and diplomatically usable science and politically/diplomatically irrelevant science, reminiscent of Nobel laureate Henry Dale’s distinction between peaceful “normal science” and “abnormal” war science?
The Colloquium is held in a hybrid format and open to all, you can find the program and registration information for online and in-person participation here: 

June 27th, Dora Vargha and Edna Suárez-Díaz  participated in the one-day workshop:

“A little bit different from oral history? The historiographic realm of research interviews in history of science and medicine.”

It was organized by Hanna Lucia Worliczekand Alfred Freeborn.
Participants included Soraya de Chadarevian, Jenny Bangham, Lara Keuck, Alfred, Hanna, Dora and Edna.

Dates for your Diary

David Bannister, Sarah Howard, Sarah Marks and Vivienne Bates have been working hard to organise The Public Good, Planning and Internationalism in African Health, to be held in South Africa in September 2023. The event will be a multi-day symposium that will bring together current and retired senior health officials and professionals from across Africa with researchers in the history and anthropology of medicine for a discussion around historical and current ideas of the public good, planning and internationalism in the evolution of health services in Africa.


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Dora Vargha, “Missing pieces: Integrating the socialist world in global health history” by Dora Vargha has just been published in History Compass. The article is Open Access and can be accessed here.
Sarah Howard attended a two-day workshop in beautiful springlike Oslo for the Special Issue ‘Ethnographic Essays of Absurd Times’ to be published by Social Anthropology in 2024.


Conference “Connecting three worlds:
health & socialism in the Cold War”
was held in Berlin 14-16 June 2023
A ground-breaking conference organized by the Wellcome Trust funded project “Connecting three worlds: socialism, medicine and global health after WW2” concluded 16 June 2023. It shed new light on the history of global health and the influence of socialism on healthcare systems. The conference brought together nearly 20 scholars from various regions of the world to discuss the particular health cultures produced by socialism and its impact on medicine, public health, and biomedicine. The conference was kicked off with a keynote speech “Humanitarianism, Otherwise: Cuban (Health) Care as Political Praxis” by Sean Brotherton. The public event was held on 14 June at Staatsbibliothek, Simon Bolivar Saal in Berlin. With full-house audiences, Sean shared his recent research on the absent-presence of Cuba’s international solidarity humanitarian efforts as a non-event in the contemporary global health landscape.

You can read more about the conference on our website.

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