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New podcast: A Global History of Hungary 1869-2022

Posted by C3W Admin on June 21 2022

A Global History of Hungary: 1869-2022 [Magyarország Globális Története: 1869-2022], published earlier this year in Hungarian language analyses the modern and contemporary history of Hungary in a truly global perspective for the very first time. Edited by Ferenc Laczó and Bálint Varga, the book is the result of broad interdisciplinary cooperation and includes contributions by historians, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, scholars of literature and economists. The book contains one hundred chapters by 82 scholars, and its main themes span across world economy; political ideologies and types of rule; war and violence; cultures and religions; migration; colonialism, racism, and decolonisation; everyday life and consumption; environment and diseases; stigmatised and marginalised groups.

An English language discussion of the book is now available as a podcast of Review of Democracy, an online journal of the CEU Democracy Institute, with hosts Bence Bari and Orsolya Sudár, editors Ferenc Laczó and Bálint Varga and contributor Dóra Vargha. They discuss some of the innovative questions posed by trying to reconceptualize the history of a Central and Eastern European country in a global frame; how the subjects of the volume’s one hundred chapters have been selected; the relation of this new book to other narratives of Hungarian history; and the more political stakes of releasing such a publication today.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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