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Summer Newsletter

Posted by C3W Admin on August 31 2023

We have gathered together the latest news and events, together with some content not available on the website and put it into a Newsletter, see below.

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Welcome to the summer edition of our newsletter, where you will find the latest research findings, activities and events for July and August.

This edition has
  • News
  • Research news


The Friendship Bench Zimbabwe


Sarah Marks has been awarded a seed grant from the Birkbeck Research Innovation Fund to further develop collaboration between the Birkbeck Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Mental Health and The Health Research Unit Zimbabwe – these funds will facilitate qualitative research into mental health interventions in the Zimbabwean context, as well as the opportunity to develop further historical research with clinicians to understand healthcare in Zimbabwe since decolonization in 1980, and how links with the socialist and post-socialist world have shaped training and policy.

David Bannister was appointed as a representative for Norway on the managing committee of the EU’s Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Programme, Action Network CA22159:  ‘National, International and Transnational Histories of Healthcare, 1850-2000’.  We encourage all research groups with an interest in these themes and this period of national and transnational health to join the network!


David Bannister presented on ‘Fairness in Time: Generational experience and moral economies of state healthcare in Ghana’, as part of the ‘Historical perspectives on ethics, morals, and values in public health’ seminar series hosted by Dr, Janet Weston,  on July 4th at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The talk was presented in tandem with a Ayodeji Adegbite, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A link to the talk and recording is here: 

Dates for your Diary

David Bannister, Sarah Howard, Sarah Marks and Vivienne Bates have been working hard to organise The Public Good, Planning and Internationalism in African Health, to be held in South Africa in September 2023. The event will be a multi-day symposium that will bring together current and retired senior health officials and professionals from across Africa with researchers in the history and anthropology of medicine for a discussion around historical and current ideas of the public good, planning and internationalism in the evolution of health services in Africa.


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Andrea Espinoza Carvajal travelled to Ecuador and Mexico to develop part of her research plan. In Ecuador, she visited three archives the 1) Museo Nacional de la Medicina Dr Eduardo Estrella [Ecuadorian Museum of Medicine] (left), Biblioteca de las Artes [The Arts Library] (centre), and Archivo Histórico del Guayas [Guayas Historical Archive]. Her experience in these places prompted a reflection on the material needs of historical preservation. The lack of resources for collecting, presenting and promoting research creates obstacles to keeping archives alive and facilitating people getting involved with those spaces. 

Andrea’s time in Ecuador also included developing a workshop titled Building a History of Sexual and Reproductive Health from Below. It was a one-day event to invite a small group of feminist activists (individuals and organisations) based in Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca to participate in a conversation about the need for and importance of building an archive about the grassroots organisations’ initiatives to talk about sexual and reproductive health since 1965 to the present. The event included 15 people and resulted in a vibrant and hopeful dialogue about the value of memory and the problems of preserving the work of institutions that work in contested topics such as sexual and reproductive health.

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